Cooling Batch by Batch

The TURBOCOOLER is a fully automatic, adjustable cooling chamber with air turbo units that cool the bobbins down, either on a pallet or on a pin truck.

The system is designed to use the existing air in the chamber and forcing an air stream through a high performance turbo unit array. The turbo is cooled by air from outside.

INLINE Automatic System
The most efficient utilisation of the TURBOCOOLER is in an „inline“ fully automatic system, where pallets  are transported from one station to the next. In combination with PACKTRACK automatic weighing, ticketing and wrapping of pallets, WELKER conditioning lines are the most advanced installations for export production at high moisture and therefore, quality levels.

OFFLINE Standard Versions
Manual loading or automatic platform type of chamber, to feed all existing types of cylindrical machines, for pin  trucks, pallets and boxes are possible as well. With these solutions, loading and unloading has to be done manually.